Ubuntu Leadership Institute

Building Leaders Of Tomorrow With Black Men & Boys Today

Ubuntu Leadership Institute provides several opportunities for breakthroughs supporting African-American young men in accomplishing lifelong changes. Most importantly, our goal is to prepare these young men in becoming aware, responsible, and thought-leading individuals while being guided by elders and leaders within our community. Ultimately, we are committed to Ubuntu’s principle, which means, “I am because we are, and we are because I am.”

Ubuntu Leadership Institute: A Program Presented By Brotherhood Of Elders Network

The Brotherhood of Elders Network is an intergenerational network of men of African ancestry who foster environments where Black boys and young men are empowered to flourish.


We provide leadership in the development of new and creative social, political, economic, and educational programming that fosters positive growth in young Black males.


We develop, define, and create opportunities for ourselves to empower our community. We are motivated to create positive environments in our community.


We strive to be thorough, effective, and accountable while producing superior outcomes in everything we do. We consistently work for the innate greatness of young Black men.


We are guided by our strong moral principles and promote honesty in all our interactions. We are dependable young Black men who conduct ourselves with dignity and respect for each other.

Collective Work And Responsibility

We collectively build and leverage our efforts to support each other in order to achieve maximum community impact. We are our brother’s and sister’s keepers and aspire to solve the issues impacting our community.


We encourage and promote the resilience and fortitude necessary to deal with adversity and challenges faced in daily life.


Utilizing “The Art of Being a Black Man” curriculum, participants of the Ubuntu Leadership Institute Fellowship program will receive culturally relevant education from an award-winning professor and Merritt College African-American Studies Department Chair Jason Seals. Ubuntu Leadership Institute Fellows will explore culture through rhythm, song, and dance from world-renown musician Mosheh Milon Sr. In addition, our Ubuntu Leadership Institute Fellows will have opportunities for mentorship, thorough understanding of legislative processes, financial literacy, peer support, financial aid, and becoming competent in the many forms of leadership from great men of African descent.


Thought leader Arnold Perkins of the Brotherhood of Elders Network had the vision to create the Ubuntu Leadership Institute under the umbrella of BOEN that would support young Black men in flourishing in all aspects of life. Entering its second year of inception, Ubuntu Leadership Institute offers opportunities for growth, a journey to Africa, and a culminating Rites of Passage ceremony.


When forming one’s cultural identity, it is important that one can see themselves in an authentic state of being. So, our journey to Africa will provide Ubuntu Leadership Institute Fellows with the opportunity to explore African culture, speak with export scholars, and interact with native members of the community.

Rites Of Passage

A Ceremonial Celebration Of Ubuntu Leadership Institute Fellow Achievements.

Cultural Awareness

Have a sense of cultural identity, practices, and principles that govern African ideology. Have pride in African tradition.

Cultural Responsibility

Feel culturally connected to the impact of one’s action on the greater whole. Understand the importance of service and giving back to one’s culture and community.

Principles and Values

Study the principles and values of great men of African descent. Possess an in-depth understanding of how to apply principles and values. Pledge to uphold African centered principles and values.

Financial Literacy

Ubuntu Leadership Institute Fellows will have knowledge of different types of accounts, how to create a budget, comprehension of small business practices, an updated resume, and an overall understanding of how finance works such as credit.

Collective Work and Responsibility

To achieve maximum community impact, we collectively build and leverage programs and initiatives that support our individual contributions.


The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face uncomfortable and uncertain situations with confidence, and bravery. understanding of how finance works such as credit.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today!” – Malcolm X